Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Weekend to Remember

What a wonderful weekend! Not only did I celebrate another birthday, I also spent time with my husband and children. The neighbours must have spent many hours giggling at our antics on the front lawn. We posed for pictures, laughed together, reminisced about years gone by, and danced in the streets. We were happy and carefree!

Later in the evening, we went to 'Smiling Jack's' or the Road House as we like to call it -- and enjoyed a great meal together while singing along with the local band. I was taken back when one of the lead singers approached us and informed me that the next song was going to be dedicated to me (and my birthday). Soon afterwards, I found myself up on the stage jammin' with the band. Image - a white haired older woman dancing on the stage. Hahahaha! What a great time I had and a birthday I'll never forget!

The day ended with me visiting my wee nephew, Matthew. Bless his heart. He spent the tips he made at the flower shop and bought me 3 beautiful roses. Attached to the card he wrote. "To Susan, Love Matt. I Love You." He has no idea just how much his token of love meant to me. What a perfect way to end a day -- surrounded by the ones you love. I will always cherish the special moments I spend with my family. I am so blessed!

I hope you all had a great weekend too!

Love and hugsssss Susan xo


  1. Awww Susan, that was so sweet! Glad to hear that you enjoyed and had fun jamming with the band. What did you sing?

    Yes its really heartwarming when all the people you love and like take time to spend our birthdays with us and the three roses was more than enough to complete your special day!


  2. I am soooo happy to hear about your birthday celebration. I think you have done a wonderful job raising a wonderful family. May God bless you and your family abundantly.

  3. Dancing in the street and on stage, awesome way to celebrate a birthday. Add a loving family and what more could a gal ask.

    I was on here last night, read your post and wrote a comment. Then the post disappeared. I figured you had taken it down. The video and other photo you added are great.


  4. Glad you had a wonderful day, Sue!!! I hope you are blessed with many more.

    Anne ^i^