Saturday, July 11, 2009

Empty Nest Syndrome

When my daughter was younger, she liked to play dress-up ~ funny hats, long beads, gloves and high-heels. Here she looks like the poor little rich girl. She had just finished watching the movie, "Little Princess" starring Shirley Temple. In hindsight I wonder ~ What was going through Jen's little head – What was she thinking?
How fast the years pass. Today she’s a 24 year old woman and I’m playing dress-up ~ the poor little rich mom ~ (minus the rich) :))

Tonight, I was reminiscing of days gone by ~ back to the yester-years when Jen was a wee baby!
I remember the nights we sat together and talked for hours.
She would share her dreams. Everything seemed to be moving so slow for her back then.
Boy ~ does time fly!
Many a night she would reveal her fears ~ “Mom what if I fail?”
But deep down inside, I knew she would succeed! Hey, us moms know these things. :)
I heard a song tonight and my dear Jen came to mind.
She reached up high, grabbed a star and now she’s shining bright!
I’m so very proud of her but miss those precious moments together.
But I’m still smiling because I know she has reached her goal and, more important, she’s happy!
Every parent’s dream ~

A little something I put together for Jen's birthday - last November.

Heaven Sent: My Precious Daughter, Jennifer

Please excuse the rantings of a mother ~ but I had to tell someone how I felt!
I know all you mother's out there can relate.
When our children are young we sometimes forget that time, distance, and life will lead our children down another path. Enjoy them while you can for someday they will leave home to start their own families.

Okay...I'll put a sock in it now and scoot.

Love Susan xo

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  1. I remember that picture. It only seems like yesterday. I missed her grow up so thanks for sharing.

    Anne ^i^