Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Endings and Smiles

Life can sometimes throw obstacles and hardships our way yet there's always something that can trigger a smile -- something to brighten our day!

My son came across this wee bunny when trimming the grass.
A little while later, he set it free to be with his family -- away from harms way!

Caption this . . .
Many times a photo triggers a smile, but add a caption and voila -- the photo takes on a whole new meaning!

A CATastrophic Surprise
“Eeeeecckk! Who let the dog in?”

Birds of a feather
“Hey buddy! Stop following me -- I'm not your momma!”

Girl's Night Out
“Okay ladies, get a move on or you'll miss your flight.”

Just funnin' with ya!
Have a great day everybody!

Love and hugssss
Susan xo

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