Saturday, July 25, 2009

Oh Nooooooo!

Have you ever had one of those days? Well, today is my turn.

I brought this on all by myself. While surfing the net and sipping on a cup of coffee, the phone rang.

I got up to answer it leaving my coffee beside the computer (my first big mistake and something I usually never do). I was talking to my friend when suddenly I heard a thump. Eeeeecccckkkk! My cat, Sassy knocked over my coffee cup saturating my laptop keyboard. I quickly said my goodbyes to my friend and ran to the computer. Nothing! It didn’t respond when I tried to start it up again. Whaaaaaa!
Sassy's hiding because she knows shes done something wrong but I can’t blame her for my carelessness.

I went to Staples and asked if they could salvage my laptop. Good news and bad news – I was told that if I brought it in tomorrow, a technician will try to fix it which will take approximately 4 to 5 days. The bad news is that I’ll be without my computer for a few days and won’t be able to check in with all my friends here unless my son lets me use his computer (like I'm doing now). I can only hope. My son uses his computer for work and I’d be afraid to touch anything just in case I deleted something important.

I’m going to miss you all and hope they can fix my computer soon. I think I’m addicted to my computer. Hehehehe

To top things off, it’s raining hard outside – What’s that saying? “If it rains, it pours.”

Well, I’m still happy because I love the rain and everything else is okay out my way.
I think I’ll go for a walk in the rain and take my trusty camera with me!
Have a great weekend everybody. I hope to be online again soon!

Love and hugsssss
Susan xo



  1. Now that is super difficult to take: your laptop fried and your coffee gone too! I had to take a second look just now to remember where you live. When I saw the "Tim Horton" coffee I figured it was Canada; we don't have it here. Yep, Toronto!

    Here's a fervent wish that it all turns out well! And I sure wish we had a little of that rain!!

  2. That would make for a bad day, no coffee, no laptop, and the cat is hiding. But then you have rain and we don't. If you could maybe send some of those clouds over to Washington state, DJan and I would both appreciate it very much.

    Hope to see you back on real soon,

  3. I couldn't imagine me without my laptop, my camera boohoo. But I can still survive without them, I can still go out and bond with my friends, go to the market, cook food for the family.

    I meant I can still survive without them for 5 days? If it takes longer than that, I'll faint.


  4. Ack! Technical difficulties!! Hope everything gets resolved nice and quick. :)

    I loooove rainy days; some people think I'm bonkers but there's just something so soothing and calming about a dreary, rainy, gloomy day sometimes.

  5. Well, I surely hope they will get your laptop done sooner than expected. In the mean while, we will definitely miss you. See you real soon!