Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Holdfast Seeker's Photo Challenge

I learned from CARAMEL MACCHIATO’s blog that Holdfast Seeker has posted a photo challenge – “Your favorite photo.”
I have many favorites but the above photo came to mind immediately because it deals with children and their loving nature.

I took this photo while strolling through Bluffer’s Park in Scarborough, Ontario. The young boy is my nephew, Matthew. He loves animals and anything involving nature so when it came time to feed the birds, he stepped up and shared his snack.

As I was taking the photo, I heard him say, “Are you hungry, birdie?”

That statement triggered my smile!
There’s something magic about children – they give so lovingly!

Love and hugsss
Susan xo


  1. WOW! What a cool photo! I wish your nephew lived closer to me so I could take him to meet my birds at the Aquarium where I work. If he's ever in Boston he's free to toss them mealworms anytime.

    I'll add this link to my post when I publish in a few days. Thanks for playing and for following me. I love to have a new bloggy friend!! I'll have a cup of tea with you anytime! -kate

  2. Truly awesome photo, I can see why this is your favorite. You are so right about children and you captured one of those magical moments beautifully.


  3. Hi Susan,

    That is a nice photo, very candid! I don't know maybe children has pure hearts that's why birds come to them.

    Have a nice day!