Thursday, August 27, 2009

Splish Splash Award

I'm so honoured to have received the 'Splish Splash Award' from Rae/Weather Vane

The beautiful mermaid surrounded by a rich blue background is an award I will always cherish. Thank you so much Rae!

There are many blogger who have inspired me and continue to do so each and every day. I would like to present this award to 9 of my blogger friends as a token of my appreciation and gratitude.

To HappyOne - 'Snap Shots by happyone'. Your photos and journal of 'Life is Good' say just that - Life is Good. Thank you!

To DJan - 'D-Jan-ity'. You are my inspiration. You prove that anything can be done if you believe. Keep soaring, my friend!

To Sally - 'Whispering Hope'. You are the epitome of Hope, my friend!

To AL - 'Caramel Macchiato'. Your cheerful posts and comments always leave me smiling.

To Judy/SquirrelQueen - 'The Road to Here'. Your inspirational quotes and photos always touch my heart.

To Sandy Carlson - 'Writing in Faith'. You are a gifted writer and are forever triggering my emotions with your words of wisdom.

To 'Holdfast Seeker'. May you someday witness the beautiful, green world that you so lovingly try to protect. Thank you for the invaluable education/wisdom that you generously share.

To Jan - 'The Little Web'. Your love for family radiates off my screen and brings me that much closer to mine.

To Sami - 'Herding Cats'. Reading your blog brings out my inner child and makes me feel young again.

Thank you again, Rae and back at'cha, my friend!

Love and hugsssss,

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday

A busy bee hard at work on a colourful yellow sunflower.

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Friday, August 21, 2009

SkyWatch Friday

Reflective Skies
North Toronto - Ontario, Canada

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Monochrome Maniacs

The Lone Traveller

Waiting. . . Just waiting

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Fleeting Moments of Solitude

Friday, August 14, 2009

Fear of the Unknown

There are times in life when we experience a dark day where fear can take hold and paralyze us.

Fear of the unknown or an unwanted outcome. Most of us, sometime or another have been greeted by one of these difficult days. What kept you going? What gave you the strength to push forward – to keep your wits about you? Besides not having a choice in the matter, I think surrounding yourself with positive people and positive thoughts helps.

I feel a positive energy among my friends here and will hold on to the belief that this energy will get me through another frightening time. On Wednesday, I will be undergoing a medical procedure and will be praying for a flavorable outcome... I’m a wee bitty nervous but I will shine on and face whatever comes my way. Stay well, my friends!

I won’t be online for about a week but will keep you all in a safe place – my heart!

Love and hugssss,

Shine On

SkyWatch Friday

Ominous clouds, heavy with rain hovering over Toronto, Ontario Canada

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

'A View from Above' Photo Challenge

Charmine at ‘Travel It’s Fun’ is hosting a photo challenge with the theme, “A view from above.”

My photos are views from the CN Tower (Observation Deck), Toronto Ontario
I was too afraid to stand on the glass floor with the city 553.33 metres (1,815.4 ft) below me. With my luck, the glass would have broken. Hehehehe

Click photos to enlarge

A child standing in awe looking down at the city of Toronto from the Observation Deck

View from the revolving restaurant that completes a full rotation once every 72 minutes.

The top of Roger's Centre (Stadium) as viewed from the Observation Deck

For more information and to sign up, click on BrendaPhotoChallenge

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Watery Wednesday

The incoming tide of Lake Ontario

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Silly Haiku Wednesday

My poor attempt at writing a Haiku but from the heart!

Friends are forever
Imagine life without them
How sad that would be

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Remember back - friendship grows through the years!

Remember . . .

Monday, August 10, 2009

Today's Flowers

Please come in. I'd like to introduce you to my flowers. :)

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Ruby Tuesday

Strummin' along on a bright red guitar with my own precious gem - my daughter, Jen.

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Monochrome Maniacs

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New Beginnings

A small child looking forward into a bright future

Cast Aside

In a wooded area I spotted an old wooden chair. I wondered how it got there. Had someone just tossed it aside? Although it is an inanimate object, I felt sorry for the abandoned chair.

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Mellow Yellow Monday

It was a rainy day but the garden had to be maintained. I was raking the leaves and enjoying every minute. My hard hat was slipping off my head and I was a wee-bitty dirty, but aside from that, I was dry and happy in my yellow rain gear holding my yellow rake. Hehehehe – What a sight, eh?

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Scenic Sunday

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The high cliffs overlooking Lake Ontario
Scarborough Bluffs, Toronto, Ontario Canada

To sit in the shade on a fine day and look upon the verdant green hills is the most perfect refreshment.
- Jane Austin

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Online Friends really make a Difference

I have heard many people say that online friends aren’t real. Some have even gone so far as to say,

"Susan, you need to get a life and get off the computer."

Maybe some people believe this statement to be true, but not me!

I’ve witnessed firsthand the outpouring of love by musicians worldwide when my sister passed away. Even today, 3 years later, her internet friends are remembering Mary with love and kindness.

She was a musician and truly left her mark on the hearts of many.

Many a day I receive email from some of her online friends – people I have never met. They share memories and keep my sister’s spirit alive – an act of kindness that I find so comforting. I’m deeply touched by the tributes paid to my sister and want the world to know that you have helped me and mine get through a very difficult time in all that you have said and done. You really made a difference!

One of Mary’s friends wrote and posted the following -

“The untimely and tragic death of one of MP3 Unsigned's most loved artists, Canadian singer/songwriter Mary Gottschalk has cast a pall of sadness over that site that is almost palpable. To those people who say that online life is not ‘real’ or ‘relevant’ I can only shake my head in wonder. Friends are friends, online or off it. In my books, Mary Gottschalk was my friend and I am overwhelmed by the impact her death has had on me and the many others her life has touched in that special way she had… Even now - as I write these words ... I still have tears rolling down my cheeks and I don’t care because she touched me deeply and I’m not afraid to say that I loved her and will miss her terribly.”

The following video, more so the song - is something I hold dear. My sister was writing the music before she passed away but didn't have the opportunity to write the lyrics. Two of her online friends wrote the lyrics after her death and dedicated it to her.

Remembering my little sister, Mary

Online friends are just as real as real life friends - sometimes more.

To all my friends here - I'm so glad that our keyboards have touched.

Love and hugssss
Susan (a real person) xo

Show My Face

My six words for today -

Life is wonderful surrounded by friends.

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Friday, August 7, 2009

SkyWatch Friday

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Heavenly Rays over Rocky Cliffs
Bluffer's Park
Scarborough, Ontario Canada

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Another 'Hoppy' Adventure

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I did not find any baby birds today but while working in the Remembrance Garden, I happened upon a frightened baby bunny.

He was squeezed between a large rock and the ground. I looked around and couldn’t see his mother. I wondered where she had gone and thought that he might be an orphan.

After watching the wee bunny for a few minutes, I reached under the rock and rubbed his back. I could feel him shaking and trying to dig in that much further. I went back to work and promised myself that I'd visit this little fellow again after lunch.

When I returned, he was facing me but still hovering under the rock. I placed some chopped up lettuce and carrots next to him in hopes that he would start nibbling - and that he did!

Moments later and feeling safer with me, he ventured out from under the rock and hopped a few inches in my direction. Did he know that I was a friend? I hope so.

I sat next to the wee bunny and picked him up gently. All was fine and then he let out a loud squeal. Eeeeccckkkk! I didn’t know bunnies squealed! I thought I hurt him but in actual fact, I think he was crying out for his mother.

As quick as a bunny (hehehehe) - a larger bunny came out of nowhere. I think it was his mother.

She sat about 10 feet away from me and just watched. She must have been thinking,

“Put my baby down!”

And that’s exactly what I did.

My little bunny hopped away in the direction of his mother and together they zipped away into the distance. Everything was alright after that. Baby bunny had been reunited with his mommy.

I went back several more times during the day and always found the little bunny sitting under the rock with the food I had left. I will continue to visit everyday and have lunch with “Rocky” and his mother -- my new found friends! :))

Boy! It really feels like spring these days. Everything is blooming and baby animals are appearing everywhere. :)

I had a real buzzzzzzy day but I had a lot of fun playing in the gardens!

I hope you all had a wonderful day too!

Love and hugssss,
Susan xo

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Monochrome's Weekly Theme

Remembering Winter's Embrace

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Location: Scarborough, Ontario Canada
Highland Creek

When a tree sheds its colourful, autumn shawl -
It leaves behind the memories of what has been
and a longing for more!

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Watery Wednesday


The Parade of Swans - Lake Ontario, Toronto

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ruby Tuesday

A Rosey Disposition.

A Blast from the Past

I just got through reading Rae's/Weather Vane's blog on Back to School -- reminiscing about days gone by, first day of school shopping sprees, and how things have changed through the years. I thoroughly enjoyed revisiting past memories. It's a great read and one worth reading!

Do any of you remember the Ed Sullivan Show, I Love Lucy, and Captain Kangaroo?

We didn't have more than two TV channels when I was a kid but I still remember sitting in front of the TV with my family. Those were great times.

What do you remember about your childhood days that have changed?

I hope you enjoy this Blast from the Past!

Love and hugsssss,
Susan xo

A Blast from the Past

Look what I found!

If you read my previous post, you'll remember that I found a wee bird yesterday and was all excited that his mother hadn't abandoned him.

Well, today I got another surprise when I went out to check on the wee one. I not only found a healthy baby bird - I found two.

How could I have missed seeing the second bird yesterday?

What a pleasant surprise! I sat in awe as they chirped a cheery tune for me.

Moments later one of the baby birds ventured out of the nest and stood proudly on a branch. She fluttered her wings for awhile but didn't take to the air.

After a taste of freedom, she gingerly hopped back into the nest and resumed chirping.

Now I'm wondering, "Do you think there'll be a third bird tomorrow. Hehehehe

I just love the Mohawk hairdo! :)))))

Have a wonderful evening everybody.

Love and hugssss,
Susan xo

Monday, August 3, 2009

An Unexpected Surprise

It was a beautiful day and I spent most of it in the garden. I was tippy-toeing through the bushes trying to trim a few overgrown branches. As I moved around, I thought I heard something - then suddenly, the bushes came alive. I jumped back and to my surprise I saw a baby bird.

At first I felt my heart sink. "OMG, I could have stepped on it as I wandered through the bushes." Thank goodness I didn't.

When I looked down at the wee bird, I felt a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. What a grand sight - a new life was greeting me with a faint chirping sound. I wondered if he was calling for his mother. It was so cute!

The mother in me wanted to carry the bird away to safety (like into the house - hehehe) but I knew I couldn't. His mother was around somewhere probably looking for food and would be frantic if he was gone when she came back. At least that's how I'd feel. :))

So I gently put the bird back in the nest and moved away slowly.

A few hours later I went back to check on the bird but was chased away by his mother. She was sitting above the bush on a tree branch watching over her baby and swooped down at me when I approached.

There's something special about a mother's love - be it human or animal. She's forever protecting her young.

I'm happy to report that the mother did not abandon her baby and, as I type, I know my unexpected surprise is probably resting comfortably in his nest with Momma bird somewhere nearby.

Click on photo to enlarge.

Have a good day, my friends!

Love and hugssss
Susan xo

August Farmers' Market Challenge

Yep - It's back! SquirrelQueen is hosting 'The Farmers' Market Challenge.'

Please check out her blog, "The Road to Here" for all the details.

Join in and have some fun. You'll be glad you did!

Love and hugsss
Susan xo