Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Stroll with Mother Nature

One of my favorite places to relax is the Scarborough Bluffs in Ontario, Canada.

When the day is long and hard, I visit Mother Nature.

On this particular day I took a long stroll. I observed the beauty around me -- the scenery, the people, the animals and the vast sky. With camera in hand, I began clicking away! I was one with nature.
I hope you enjoy the stroll as much as I did.

Do you have a special, peaceful place?

My Stroll with Mother Nature


  1. Hi Susan,

    When I travel, I always wanted it to be peaceful but sometimes when I am following an itinerary everything is in a rush, so not really peaceful. When I visit a place, like you I just watch everything.

    My favorite place where I can find peace is my bedroom, sometimes I just sit in one corner of it and keep my silence.


  2. I have SO many special, peaceful places. I went to one last night in the middle of a run to get some peace after a cranky hot day (the baby was cranky, me not as much) I watched the rain dripping off the leaves hanging over the Ipswich River. Ahhhhh. just what I needed while my husband was rocking the cranky kid to sleep.

    I can't wait until she's old enough to appreciate the peaceful places with me, although I think she might already. -kate