Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Cheeks were Red with Embarrassment

Have you ever done something that made your face light up in embarrassment, but in hindsight, you laugh yourself silly? How's that saying go - "A picture is worth a thousand words."

Today after work, I decided to go for a jog. It looked like rain so I wore my nylon sweat pants. I plugged my ipod into my ear and zipped out the door.

It turned out to be a beautiful evening... After my run, I realized that I needed a few things at the store. Instead of rushing home to change, I trotted over to the supermarket and grabbed myself a grocery cart and away I went down the aisles. Hey - I felt like a million bucks, especially after running two miles.

Then I saw the cat food on the bottom shelf. I crouched down and took a gander. Let me see - Kitty Chow - that's it.

I reached for the bag, stood up and placed the package in my cart. All seemed well - YA RIGHT! I felt a wee breeze on my legs and when I looked down, I gasped...

My pants were around my ankles.

OMG! Sh&%t!!

The elastic waistband lost its desire to hug my waist and went south. What a sight to behold - Susan standing in her underwear! I never moved so fast in my life. I grabbed my drawers, yanked them up and looked to see if anyone was watching.

Phewwwwww - or so I thought!

As I scanned the aisles, I noticed a young man trying to smother his laughter. His eyes looked every-which-way as not to embarrass me any further - until he couldn't resist any longer and let out a loud - Baahahahahahaha!

My feet started to move as I held on tight to my bloomers. I passed the laughing bystander, made a dash for the checkout counter, and bolted through the exit door. I didn't stop until I got home.

As I sit here typing, I wonder if my shopping cart, with the cat food, is still sitting on aisle 4 waiting for my return!

I hope the store camera didn’t catch my act, otherwise, I may be the next shining star on, “America’s Funniest Videos.”

So - what happened to you today?


  1. Wahahaha ... sorry, couldn't help myself =)
    Well, if you do make it to the 'America's Funniest Video', I hope you win!

  2. Laughing so hard it's really difficult to type right now....
    What happened to me today? My day was boring compared to yours. At least you had a good run.

  3. OMG that was sooooo embarassing, if I were there I would run to you and help put the pants up then I'll start to laugh at ya.

    What happened to me today? The weather is soo unpredictable it will rain now then sun later rain again then sun again, today is my laundry day and I got all my clothes in the clothesline, imagine what did I do the whole day.

  4. Oh,dear.I can't help laughing but that can happen to anyone,sorry about that,how embarrassing.I think i would have fainted.

  5. OMWord!!LOLOLHahaa....Poor Thing!!! He should have turned around!! Happy week to you!