Thursday, August 13, 2009

'A View from Above' Photo Challenge

Charmine at ‘Travel It’s Fun’ is hosting a photo challenge with the theme, “A view from above.”

My photos are views from the CN Tower (Observation Deck), Toronto Ontario
I was too afraid to stand on the glass floor with the city 553.33 metres (1,815.4 ft) below me. With my luck, the glass would have broken. Hehehehe

Click photos to enlarge

A child standing in awe looking down at the city of Toronto from the Observation Deck

View from the revolving restaurant that completes a full rotation once every 72 minutes.

The top of Roger's Centre (Stadium) as viewed from the Observation Deck

For more information and to sign up, click on BrendaPhotoChallenge


  1. I visited CN Towers years ago, and I could still remember how it felt standing up on the glass floor. I was scared and amazed at the same time :)

  2. Thank you Susan for taking part.I love photos like these,love the pic with the whole city below and the water looks so calm from above.You are v.early.GREAT PICS!!!

  3. OMG! That is so spectacular! I knew you would choose that tower for the challenge and yes it is!Me too I would be very scared to stand on the glass floor but're so brave, woman!


  4. Susan,
    You have given me an adrenaline rush just viewing your photos. There isn't enough money in the world to get me up that high. My fear of heights has my heart doing an extra little beat just imagining the prospect of looking through that glass floor. Thanks for an early morning wake up :))
    BTW Thank you so much for your extra kind words on my blog post.

  5. That sure is high!!! I always get a weird feeling when I'm up high like that, like I could jump off and fly!

  6. Such wonderful pictures, Susan. I've not been there, but I did go to the revolving restaurant in Shanghai. It was pretty neat, but it was at night and the view was not so spectacular. This is a great set of photos, thanks for sharing!

  7. Heavenly days, girl, I'd been standing on the ground lookin' up~no scratch that, I'd get dizzy doing that also!!!!!

    Beautiful pictures!! :)

  8. I remember eating dinner up there when I was a child. VERY cool place! And a VERY cool town! -kate

  9. WoW!!! I'd get dizzy!hahaa...Great shots!!hughugs

  10. What a fantastic view, I haven't been there but would do so in a heart beat. Beautiful photos but I would imagine it even better in person.

    Sorry I am running so behind, my 19 yr old step daughter came down from Anchorage for a visit. It's been a little hectic.


  11. I was not aware that Toronto had that structure! Now I have another reason to want to visit that beautiful city! Great photos!

  12. Wow!! Awesome photos!! I admire anyone who can look down from that far up!

  13. How awesome! I've been at the base of that tower and remember the view in the first picture, LOL! I was on a tour and didn't get a chance to go up into it! Thank you for the terrific pictures!