Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Look what I found!

If you read my previous post, you'll remember that I found a wee bird yesterday and was all excited that his mother hadn't abandoned him.

Well, today I got another surprise when I went out to check on the wee one. I not only found a healthy baby bird - I found two.

How could I have missed seeing the second bird yesterday?

What a pleasant surprise! I sat in awe as they chirped a cheery tune for me.

Moments later one of the baby birds ventured out of the nest and stood proudly on a branch. She fluttered her wings for awhile but didn't take to the air.

After a taste of freedom, she gingerly hopped back into the nest and resumed chirping.

Now I'm wondering, "Do you think there'll be a third bird tomorrow. Hehehehe

I just love the Mohawk hairdo! :)))))

Have a wonderful evening everybody.

Love and hugssss,
Susan xo


  1. So cute! keep us posted!


  2. Very cute photos. Glad to know the first one is okay. Nice surprise finding the second. Like Kate said - keep us posted.

  3. What kind of bird is this? I don't recognize it. Very glad to see that everything is well is birdland on your side of the world! Isn't it funny that some birds chirp, others tweet, and some warble! Sparrows chirp constantly, one note, and I've got something out there that says, "wheeee!"

  4. Well how blessed are those birds when you found them. I'm sure they knew that they are in good hands. Maybe you'll find more of them just keep looking around.


  5. Oh its so much fun watching baby birds grow up. I've gotten to see that a few times and never tire of it. :-)

  6. More babies!!

    My boyfriend was actually walking to get the mail a few days ago, and he found a baby bird laying on its back in the grass, all alone!! He wanted to help it but didn't want to pick it up because he heard the mom squawking like a nut in a nearby bush (luckily she was there!), so he gave it a little tap and the baby flapped its wings a lot, rolled over, and hopped into the bush! (He originally told me he was so worried about it, he went back later to check on it, and if it was still there alone he was going to take it to a vet... aww...)

    Babies are everywhere I guess :) Time to learn how to fly!!

  7. That is just so sweet, I wonder too if there are more. I guess we all just have to wait for the next installment of the story.