Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Blast from the Past

I just got through reading Rae's/Weather Vane's blog on Back to School -- reminiscing about days gone by, first day of school shopping sprees, and how things have changed through the years. I thoroughly enjoyed revisiting past memories. It's a great read and one worth reading!

Do any of you remember the Ed Sullivan Show, I Love Lucy, and Captain Kangaroo?

We didn't have more than two TV channels when I was a kid but I still remember sitting in front of the TV with my family. Those were great times.

What do you remember about your childhood days that have changed?

I hope you enjoy this Blast from the Past!

Love and hugsssss,
Susan xo

A Blast from the Past


  1. Well, I remember Hopalong Cassidy, and John Wayne!! :)

  2. Susan,
    Glad you liked the school memories and thanks for the shout out here. I loved the video. Big band sounds remind me of my dad. I would come home from school and he would be listening to Glen Miller or Artie Shaw.
    Sure I remember the shows you mentioned. Plus The Jack Benny Show and the original Mickey Mouse club. My favorite of course was the old time Saturday morning cartoons with Sky King and My Friend Flicka. Remember Roy Rogers?

    Thanks for some more memories and really good times!

  3. I remember those shows and the ones mentioned in the above comments. I also remember an old show called Ding Dong School with Miss Francis which I loved when I was very young.

    The way kids play have changed.
    I remember going outside to just play with all the kids in the neighborhood. No special play dates or organized play. Just good old playing!! I'd go out in the morning, come home for lunch, back outside again and home for dinner. A whole day of free play!!!

  4. You're too young to remember coming home from Brownies and listening to radio shows with the family. I remember Baby Snooks and Amos 'n Andy, and my favorite, The Shadow. (who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men: the shadow knows)

    And then the early days of TV, when mostly I remember the $64,000 Question, I Love Lucy, and the Honeymooners. And lots of snow.

  5. I remember the Mickey Mouse Club. A few years later I couldn't wait to see American Bandstand.

    And on Sunday night the whole family would get together for the Ed Sullivan show.

    Great memories,