Friday, August 14, 2009

Fear of the Unknown

There are times in life when we experience a dark day where fear can take hold and paralyze us.

Fear of the unknown or an unwanted outcome. Most of us, sometime or another have been greeted by one of these difficult days. What kept you going? What gave you the strength to push forward – to keep your wits about you? Besides not having a choice in the matter, I think surrounding yourself with positive people and positive thoughts helps.

I feel a positive energy among my friends here and will hold on to the belief that this energy will get me through another frightening time. On Wednesday, I will be undergoing a medical procedure and will be praying for a flavorable outcome... I’m a wee bitty nervous but I will shine on and face whatever comes my way. Stay well, my friends!

I won’t be online for about a week but will keep you all in a safe place – my heart!

Love and hugssss,

Shine On


  1. Best of luck with that medical procedure. I sure do hope all goes well for you.

  2. Hi Susan,I hope all goes well,shall say a prayer for you.I think god is a very present help,this belief has seen me through some tough times.
    Regards putting out the post early,let me assure you i really liked your pics and thank you for going up that tower.You rest up and don't let worry get to you.bye.hugsss,charmine.

  3. Friends are great to get you through hard times but God and prayer does wonders too. May God watch over you and be with your doctor as you go through your medical procedure.
    It was good for me to see that video because I'm having some dark days myself.

  4. Ohhh, you made that video! How wonderful, Susan. Thank you for sharing yourself and your fears. We all get through these things one way or another, and I am holding you in my thoughts during this trying time. I await your wonderful virtual smile when you return. Until then, dear friend, as said incredibly well... shine on! You know whatever you will face, we will all be here. A resource.

  5. I will be holding you in my thoughts as you undergo your procedure. As nurses, knowing as much as we do makes us more fearful. One thing is certain though, your fellow bloggers care about you and we support you. Hold tight to the loving thoughts we are sending your way. When the procedure is behind you, I look forward to seeing you back here to read your inspirational words and to see you beautiful photos. Best Wishes Susan. ((((Hugs)))

  6. Dear Susan,

    All of us here Susan, will be waiting for you. I know it is going to be fine, 'cos you're a brave woman. I will say a prayer to my St. Therese of Avila to give you comfort during the procedure. We all have our own fears and we have to try to face it sometimes to go over it. We will be waiting for your return, alive and kicking, I will miss you.


  7. Susan,

    My feeling is that worry is unproductive, it doesn't accomplish anything. You are understandably nervous but try to hold on to the positive energy.

    You will be in my thoughts especially on Wednesday and all of us here will be waiting for you to return. You've got a strong support group here if you need us.

    Stay strong,

  8. As you well know judging by your vocation as a nurse, a positive outlook is a big influence on your recovery. I will put you in my prayers.

  9. Stay positive!!! :) You are a wonderful person, you are going to do great, you are going to be just fine! We're all here rooting for you 100%!!

    I'll keep you in my thoughts until we meet again here in the bloggy world! Take care of yourself, and we'll see you soon. :)


  10. good luck, staying postive and surrounding yourself with good energy will most definitely give you a speedy recovery! -kate

  11. Hi Susan: have been gone a few days, but so glad I'm here today to let you know I'll most surely keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Sending great BIG HUGS to you, dear lady!! God bless and keep you well. ((hugs))

  12. Hello Susan,
    My first visit to your blog - I was inspired by your video. I will look forward to visiting again. I'm hoping that you're feeling fine very soon. Stay positive and move forward.

  13. Am sending you healing vibes and prayers sweetheart!! You're going to be fine!!!hughugs