Saturday, August 1, 2009

SquirrelQueen’s Cool Photo Challenge -

This is SquirrelQueen's challenge -

"It's Photo Challenge time!
This challenge is the brain child of Donna at The Brenda Photo Challenge. Each of the challenges has a different host and a different theme.

I am hosting this challenge and the theme I have chosen is BE COOL!

Ways to beat the heat! Or what you think is cool! You pick as long as it's COOL!

For more information on the challenge visit The Brenda Photo Challenge.
If you are posting for the challenge sign in at The Brenda Photo Challenge.

Also be sure to visit Donna's to see what others have posted."

For me, anything to do with water helps me stay 'cool.'
I drink it, I relax around it, I water my flowers with it, and I enjoy its spray when I'm hot.
Yep! That's what keeps me cool.

When hot, I also try to use imagery to stay cool. I remain in the present moment - a beautiful summer's day surrounded by flowers and at the same time, I try to remember those cold winter days. Putting these two thoughts together mentally helps me stay cool. The image below is roses in the snow. :)))

My cool flower doing the Happy Dance

One Happy Flower


  1. A very cool post and I love the video. That is so cute especially the ending. And the roses against the sky are my favorite type of photo.

    You were asking about linking a name in a post. Look over a little to the left of the icon for attaching photos and you will see a green icon that looks sort of like a chain link. Highlight the name you want to add the link to and then click on the green icon. It will bring up a box where you can enter the url.

    It did briefly hit 42 today and the same for tomorrow. No worries, we are getting used to this kind of heat plus our house has central air, a necessity in this part of the state. The humidity is very low so while it's hot at least it isn't sticky.

    Thanks for taking part in the challenge.


  2. Hi Susan,

    I love that video, I can't help but say ahhhh, you could be very good movie director you know.

    The flowers on the first two slides "the pink flowers" are called Mil Flores (thousand flowers) we also grow it here, but only the blue ones, I love mil floreses that's why I watched the video very closely. Thanks for sharing them.

    We got another adventure on my Caramel Macchiato, see you there.


  3. Wow! I Loved the video!Hahaaa...The flowers Happy Dance was funny!! But it DID look happy it was getting water! Well Done! So glad you decided to play along with us and do the challenge!! Come back Anytime to play!!

  4. I love the Happy Dance! Water in this heat would make me do a happy dance, too... :) Such beautiful flowers!! I love flowers and can't wait to have a vibrant, happy garden of my own. (Those pears looked tasty as well!)

    I really wanted to take part in this photo challenge this week, but life got -so- busy I missed it! I'm glad you did though, the end result was wonderful.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    -- sami

  5. Hi Susan~thanks so much for visiting today even though lately I haven't been able to participate in the photo challenges.

    Your photo's are awesome!! I'm on dial-up still, and can't watch video's but SOMEDAY I keep sayin'. :)

    I'll link to your blog and when time allows I'll be back to catch up on what you have going on here. I already know I like your sense of humor!!

  6. Thank you for the cool pictures! I wanted to dip my toe into the water!