Friday, August 7, 2009

Another 'Hoppy' Adventure

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I did not find any baby birds today but while working in the Remembrance Garden, I happened upon a frightened baby bunny.

He was squeezed between a large rock and the ground. I looked around and couldn’t see his mother. I wondered where she had gone and thought that he might be an orphan.

After watching the wee bunny for a few minutes, I reached under the rock and rubbed his back. I could feel him shaking and trying to dig in that much further. I went back to work and promised myself that I'd visit this little fellow again after lunch.

When I returned, he was facing me but still hovering under the rock. I placed some chopped up lettuce and carrots next to him in hopes that he would start nibbling - and that he did!

Moments later and feeling safer with me, he ventured out from under the rock and hopped a few inches in my direction. Did he know that I was a friend? I hope so.

I sat next to the wee bunny and picked him up gently. All was fine and then he let out a loud squeal. Eeeeccckkkk! I didn’t know bunnies squealed! I thought I hurt him but in actual fact, I think he was crying out for his mother.

As quick as a bunny (hehehehe) - a larger bunny came out of nowhere. I think it was his mother.

She sat about 10 feet away from me and just watched. She must have been thinking,

“Put my baby down!”

And that’s exactly what I did.

My little bunny hopped away in the direction of his mother and together they zipped away into the distance. Everything was alright after that. Baby bunny had been reunited with his mommy.

I went back several more times during the day and always found the little bunny sitting under the rock with the food I had left. I will continue to visit everyday and have lunch with “Rocky” and his mother -- my new found friends! :))

Boy! It really feels like spring these days. Everything is blooming and baby animals are appearing everywhere. :)

I had a real buzzzzzzy day but I had a lot of fun playing in the gardens!

I hope you all had a wonderful day too!

Love and hugssss,
Susan xo


  1. What a sweet story. I am glad to know that his mother was nearby. It would have been tragic if he had been abandoned. Looking forward to reading more bunny tales.

  2. You are just finding baby animals everywhere, aren't you?? :)

  3. Oh wow, Susan you're such a sweet person, just look at the little bunny she is so timid and shy and shaking, I thought the bunny was lost and glad her Mom found her. Actually the mother bunny told you to "back off" hahahaha.

    Those are nice flowers, what are they called?


  4. Baby birds, baby rabbits, what's next? Susan you are just the sweetest to show concern for the baby bunny. Rocky is just the cutest little fella. You will have to give us an update as you check in on him and his mom.

  5. OK now I need to go find a baby SOMETHING to get in on this theme. Perhaps I should do an update on my baby mantids, although I haven't seen any in a week.

    very cute photos! I hope you take more when you visit him next! and a happy ending too!!! -kate

  6. Such a wonderful and inspiring post, with a happy ending! I discovered that the reason I am having so many goldfinches lately is that they are fledged babies, so I also have babies around, but I can't tell the difference between them and their mothers. Found that all young goldfinches look like the females.

  7. A nice story with a happy ending. :-)
    I've noticed this year there are a lot more bunnies around than usual. Every morning when I'm walking I see about a dozen of them.