Thursday, December 8, 2011

Young at Heart

As I get older, I'm faced with the common aches and pains, the infamous sagging concerns, and the annoying senior moments. Rather than focus on what I can no longer do - I've decided to look at the brighter side of life. Afterall, I have a great role model.

My biggest inspiration in life is my 82 year old mother and I truly hope I follow in her youthful footsteps. It has always been her dream to fly a plane but, being deaf in her right ear made it impossible for her to take to the sky.

Did I really say, 'impossible?' Let me rephrase that - other people thought it was impossible, but not my mother. At the age of 82, she learned to fly a plane despite her disability and got her wings. Yep - you're never too old to chase a dream and succeed.

What a blessing to have a mother so young at heart!

Just look at her fly!

Click image to enlarge.

Oh, by the way - did I mention that my elderly mother also rides a motorcycle and snowmobile? :))

"If wrinkles must be written upon our brow, let them not be written upon the heart; the spirit should not grow old."

Have an uplifting day, my friends!


  1. Your mother is indeed an inspiration!!! You are very lucky to have such a youthful and determined woman in your life.

    :) DeDe

  2. Good for her!! Way to go. An inspirational woman indeed!! I love hearing about older people still enjoying life to the fullest.