Friday, December 2, 2011

A Mother's Wish

I have another blog called, 'A Mother's Wish.'

Although my children left home years ago, I still can't get over these 'empty nest' feelings. They're both getting married soon and I'm so happy for them - but, I just can't seem to shake these moments of nostalgia. So, in an effort to move on, I started to blog about the earlier days. In essense, I've decided to rejoice in the fact that they've grown and are starting a history of their own.

I often wonder it's a normal feeling for a 60 year old woman to still be clinging to the yester-years.

My children then and now.


  1. I never really had the empty nest thing. I enjoyed my kids when they were home but like now that they are grown and gone. They are both doing well and are happy and that makes me happy.

  2. I like the collage of then and now. My husband has a daughter but she has always lived with her mom so we have never had the empty nest. I can imagine you would miss not having the children around.