Friday, January 27, 2012

A lot has Happened and There's Much More to Come!

Just checking in to say, "Hello."
A lot has happened during the early part of 2012 and I wanted to share the news.
So, here goes . . .

  •  My son got married in a small civil ceremony to a beautiful and loving woman. I have never seen two people more happy!
  •  I've been told that my daughter-in-law is carrying a baby BOY (my first grandchild).
  •  I'm happy to report that I have been successful with my exercise program. I've lost weight. Yippieeeee!
  •  The Bridal Shower for my daughter is looking good. Everything is working out great (the location, the guests, the food, etc.)
  •  Preparations for my daughter's Destination Wedding to Punta Cana are running smoothly.
  •  I'm looking ahead - planning a Baby Shower for my daughter-in-law.

I've been so busy keeping track of everything and I'm proud to say that I'm doing okay - taking it one day at a time and getting things done. I'm truly surprised that everything's going okay and that I'm still sane. Hahahaha

I'm sorry I haven't been online and visiting my blogging friends but, I will once things settled down a wee-bitty.
I hope you are all well and life is treating you good!
I'll be back to participate on a regular basis soon. Until then, I'm sending a big cyber-hug to all of you!

Love Susan xo


  1. Well, Congratulations Girl!!! So many blessings coming your way!

  2. You really do have a lot of exciting things going on in your life right now.

  3. Congratulations! Sounds like life is treating you good! Glad to hear of all your good news. : )

  4. Nice to hear about all the fun things going on (and growing). How wonderful to hear you have just been too busy and preoccupied to spend time on the computer. It's a good thing! I am a bit envious... I look forward to hearing more. :-)

  5. Congratulations! You have been, and will be, one very busy lady. I'm glad to hear all is well. Have fun and enjoy every moment.

  6. Wow Susan, many congratulations are in order! First off I can tell you first hand that becoming a Grammy (as my granddaughter has dubbed me) is one of the most phenomenal feelings in the world. There's an instant love and bond when you hold your grandbaby for the first time... a heads up, have tissues handy! Tears of joy will stream down your face uncontrollably and ya, it's WOW! The feelings only deepen and soon enough your sending the new mom and dad out for a night and keeping baby overnight! This becomes a habit, once every two weeks you tell the children to go out, bring baby over and that's our bonding time.

    That's going to be an amazing trip to Punta Canta, fun fun fun in your future, the bridal shower sounds amazing and I'm looking forward to photos!

    Congrats on the weight loss, way to go... you go girlfriend! :-) I hope to be saying the same thing on my way home from Australia, all the walking and heat, I'd best lose some weight! lol

    No worries about not posting, life's like that. I feel when blogging becomes a chore and I feel like I have to, rather than want to, then it's time to take a break. For now I'd miss you all too much after staying in touch with others for this past... wow, I'm into my 4th year. My blog has helped me remember to make some "me" time every night and I love the new friends I've met here online, yourself included.

    You take care, remember to stop and smell the roses every now and again k? Enjoy your weekend!